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The right bathtub will not only enhance your bathroom decor, but it will also improve your lifestyle, by providing a truly therapeutic bathing experience for your body and soul. Before you fall in love with a bathtub you see online, it is important to follow these simple steps, tips and recommendations to make sure you find the right freestanding bathtub to perfectly fit your space, design, body and needs. 

How To Choose The Right Freestanding Bathtub?

April 20, 2021

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The right bathtub will not only enhance your bathroom decor, but it will also improve your lifestyle, by providing a truly therapeutic bathing experience for your body and soul. Before you fall in love with a bathtub you see online, it is important to follow these simple steps, tips and recommendations to make sure you find the right freestanding bathtub to perfectly fit your space, design, body and needs.

Measure Your Space to Find the Right Size 

First of all, you need to carefully study and measure your space in order to find the best place to install your freestanding bathtub. Take a look at all the potential areas you could place the bath. This will help you choose the right size and shape bathtub to compliment your space, and provide you with maximum comfort and accessibility.


If you are decorating a very large bathroom, you can make the freestanding bathtub the focal point, by placing it in the middle of the room. If you have a fantastic view, then you should consider placing the bath beside the window. Mandy Moore chose to place her Aquatica Sensuality freestanding bathtub in front of her bathroom window to enjoy her beautiful views of nature. If you have a small bathroom and are stuck for space, you can measure the areas of the alcoves and corners to see if the bath would fit nicely there. 


It is important to choose the right size of freestanding bathtub, which will also easily fit through doorways, hallways and stairways, so make sure you also measure these areas. Remember to leave at least 4 inches of space between the bath and the bathroom walls for installation and easy access for maintenance. 

Find the Right Bathtub Style to Match Your Bathroom Design

Choose the right bathtub style to express your personality and match your overall bathroom design. Once you have decided on the design concept such as contemporary, luxurious, traditional or minimal, you can select either Modern or Classic in the product filter. This will help you narrow down the best bathtubs to suit your design. If you are searching for a classic look, you should check out the Emmanuelle Slipper , the Tulip , the Aphrodite and the Piccolo Clawfoot

Aphrodite Wht Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub 02 (web)

If you are trying to find the right modern freestanding bathtub for your bathroom, we have 112 bathtubs in many different contemporary styles for you to explore. Here are just a few examples of the modern designs you can choose from:


The True Ofuro is the modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese soaking bathtub. The True Ofuro’s compact design makes it one of the best choices for small sized bathrooms. 

Aquatica True Ofuro Mini Freestanding Stone Japanese Soaking Bathtub web (1)


The overflowing infinity design of this type of freestanding bathtub emanates pure luxury, and allows you to enjoy the ultimate spa experience. 

Aquatica Downtown Infinity Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding 03 web 720


The Baby Boomer has a truly unique design, providing easy access to everyone. This is the only modern solid surface walk-in bathtub on the market.

Aquatica Baby Boomer 2 Freestanding Solid Surface Walk In Bathtub 04 (web)


Inspired by the curves and depths of vessel boats, the super spacious Lillian freestanding bathtub is bold in design and form. This extremely comfortable freestanding bath is one of the best choices for couples, and allows even the tallest of bathers to enjoy an amazing full body soak. 

Aquatica Lillian White Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub010 600


The romantic design of the three sided Trinity bath resembles a love heart or seashell, making it a great choice for your master bathroom ensuite. The Trinity is one of the best baths to enjoy a relaxing soak with your loved one. 

Aquatica Trinity Wht Freestanding Light Weight Stone Bathtub 04 (web)


Aquatica´s Aura circular bathtub boasts a stunning and spacious design to impress your guests. 

Aquatica Aura Gold Black Round Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub 01 (web) 600


The Lullaby is one of the best choices for homeowners, who want to design a small and space conscious bathroom. 

Lullaby Wht Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub web(5) 16 9

Consider Functionality and Special Features

Now it’s time to decide on functionality and special features. The Aquatica bath can be equipped with any functionality and features to make your bathing dreams come true. Would you prefer a soaking bathtub for total submersion, or enjoy the most luxurious spa experience with a special bath equipped with high-tech, therapeutic features, including heating, hydromassage, air massage and ozonation? There are a wide array of options, including Whirlpool, Air Jetted, Bluetooth Enabled and Chromotherapy. 

Nordic Insulation

You can also add the premium Nordic Insulation system to create an air-chamber, which prevents heat loss and maximizes energy efficiency.

Nano Guard Protection

Adding the Nano Guard Protection to your order can enhance your bathtub’s every day performance. We also offer the  AquateX™ BioSan™ Antimicrobial option, designed to eliminate mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This is added during the manufacturing process and stays with the product throughout its entire lifecycle.

NanoGuard scheme web

AquateX™ LuX

AquateX™ LuX is another special feature you can add to your order, when buying an  AquateX™ bathtub. In addition to all the excellent ground breaking characteristics of our standard AquateX™, the AquateX™ LuX offers ultra-polished, glossy marble-like surface for even easier cleaning and maintenance. 

Select the Right Material for Your Design Vision & Practical Needs

Choose a freestanding bathtub made of the right material to match your design vision and fulfill your practical needs, from our diverse selection of world-class European materials

Solid Surface

Our in-house developed, award-winning solid surface AquateX™ is both functional and fashionable. It is durable, easy-to-clean, and offers numerous design opportunities. AquateX™ is available in matte, high-gloss ( AquateX™ LuX ), Sleek Concrete and Sandstone. 

Aquatica’s NeroX™ is a beautiful black high-performance stone composite solid surface. This is one of the best bathtub materials for homeowners, who want to make a dramatic design statement in their bathroom. All products made of NeroX™ include the NanoGuard™ protection for outstanding every day performance. 

Samples web


Choose a beautiful bathtub made of Wood in American Walnut, Padouk, Sapele, Oak, Ash and Maple to match your bathroom design. Made from the finest natural woods, Aquatica’s wooden freestanding bathtubs boast a truly sophisticated design, combined with unmatched durability and longevity.

Wooden samples DSF1922


Acrylic is a by-product of the US Space program and is famous for its versatility. It is highly resistant to wear and tear, hygienic and easy-to-clean. You can choose the optional and very unique matte VelveX™ finish for a refined look. 


Choose a bathtub made of Aquatica’s proprietary light-weight material DurateX™ . This is one of the best light-weight materials for both indoor and outdoor bathtubs and hot tubs. 

DurateX Blog

Use Tools to Help You Find the Right Bath

Aquatica’s beneficial tools can help you find the right bath to suit your body and needs. Simply click on the icon under the main gallery of the product page to be redirected to the tool. 

3D Body Position App

Try the 3D Body Position App to see which of your favourite freestanding bathtubs provides the most comfortable, and relaxing bathing experience for your body type. Select your height, leg length and body mass to create an avatar that represents your body type. You can also create additional avatars for your family members by clicking "New Avatar". This is an entertaining and extremely beneficial tool to help you choose the right freestanding bathtub for you. 


360 View

Use our 360 View functionality to inspect your product of interest from different angles. Just click the Play button at the center of the image and rotate the product in different directions to see its shape and other details of interest.

Product Videos

Watch our product demo videos for people of tall, medium and short heights. This video shows the dimensions of both the bathtub and the model, to demonstrate how comfortable this type of bath is for people of this size and shape.


Apply The Finishing Touch

Apply some finishing touches to personalize and customize your bathtub. Aquatica is an expert in creating bespoke bathtubs to fulfill all of your desires and design needs. Contact a 24/7 online customer support representative, if you want to create a truly unique bathtub to express your personality and design. 

Colors & Metal Coatings

You can choose any color from the RAL color chart, or choose a MetalX™ surface coating to create an artistic masterpiece in gold, brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper and titanium. 

Aquatica Adelina Yellow Gold Wht Round Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub blog

Bathtub Accessories

Choosing matching bathroom sinks and the right bathtub accessories can also help complete your beautiful bathroom decor. You can buy beautiful solid wooden bath accessories, which are made by talented European craftsmen to enhance your bathing experience, such as a Waterproof Bathtub Tray , a Bath Floor Mat or Bath Shelves & Towel Racks

Aquatica Universal Waterproof American Walnut Wood Bath Complect02



We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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