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Online shopping during COVID-19 lockdowns made us realize how easy and comfortable it is to shop from your couch.

How To Choose A Bathtub In Lockdown?

March 11, 2022

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Online shopping during COVID-19 lockdowns made us realize how easy and comfortable it is to shop from your couch. You can even plan your entire home remodeling project online and buy all the products you need over the internet without even leaving your home. Bathroom remodeling projects are very popular at the moment, as homeowners want to create a peaceful bathing area to relax and relieve anxiety during stressful times. If you're looking to remodel your bathroom, you might be wondering how to select a new bathtub in lockdown. Can you really buy a luxury bathtub without even entering a shop? Yes you can! It is super easy and stress-free! Just read the tips and guide below to help you understand how to pick a bathtub online.

What Size Bathtub Do I Need?

If you're wondering what size tub you will need, and you think you need to go to the store in person to find the right size, then don’t worry, you can figure all of this out at home with a simple measuring tape.

  • First of all, measure all the potential areas you could install the bath and decide which place makes the most sense. This will help you pick the right size and shape bathtub to fit your space, and provide you with maximum comfort and accessibility.
  • You need to find the measurements for the overall length, width and height of the tub. The measurements for the soaking depth, internal length and width depend on your body type and personal preferences.
  • Make sure you also measure the width and height of all doorways and passageways leading to the bathroom, so you select a bathtub that will easily fit through to prevent any delivery and installation issues.
  • Once you have these measurements, cross reference them with the minimum dimensions needed for the tub. This information can be found in the technical specification sheet or installation guide for the unit (normally found under the TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION section of the product page).
  • Don’t forget to leave at least 4 inches of space between the tub and the bathroom walls for installation and easy access for maintenance.
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What Length Bathtub Do I Need?

The length of the bathtub you need ultimately depends on the space available in your bathroom, but you also must remember to choose a bathtub, which provides enough space for your body type, so you can enjoy a comfortable soak. Remember to check both the external and internal length of the tub.

If you are over six feet tall, you may want to consider a large, spacious bathtub over 70 inches long to ensure ultimate comfort. On Aquatica’s website, the bathtub product page displays a special icon for people 6ft+ in the special features section. There is also an icon for extra deep bathtubs. The Lillian Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub and the True Ofuro Duo Soaking Tub are good examples of tubs with enough space and depth, to allow tall bathers or couples to enjoy a deep and relaxing soak.

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Choosing A Bathtub Online: Bathtub Buying Guide In Lockdown

Read the blog post on How To Choose The Right Freestanding Bathtub for an in-depth step-by-step bathtub buying guide. The post looks at how to choose the right bathtub size, style, functionality, material , tools and finishing touches to match your needs and bathroom decor.

Below you will find the best tips to help you to understand how to pick out a bathtub online during lockdown.

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Find Inspiration Online

Once you know the bathtub size, you can start exploring different styles online to find the best bathtub to match your bathroom design. Take a look at pinterest, Aquatica’s blog , instagram and photo gallery to find some bathroom design inspiration and help you narrow down the best bathtub style for your space, design and personal needs.

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Choose A Reliable Online Bathtub Store

When you are choosing a bathtub, make sure you first do your research online and select a store with high-quality products, excellent customer service and reliable delivery. Shopping online for a bathtub can bring more anxiety than shopping for clothes or food, as this is a much larger investment, which you hope will remain in your home for a long-time. So it is important to choose a website with excellent reviews, customer experiences , certifications , and awards .

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Ask The Online Customer Support Team Questions

Make sure the company has an attentive online customer support team that can provide you with 1-1 support anytime you need. Don’t be shy, ask plenty of questions before and after clicking the purchase button, to make sure you feel happy and confident about your order. A good online bathtub store will help you with the entire process, including helping you to understand how to choose a bathtub, assisting you with bespoke and customization orders, providing you with all the relevant information regarding delivery and estimated arrival time and making sure you receive the bathtub on time. It is also helpful if the company can provide additional help such as installation support.

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Select The Right Filters

Only shop with an online store that has a good search filter, to help you narrow down the best bathtubs for your design and personal needs. Aquatica’s website filter shows the exterior product length, width, depth to overflow drain, installation type, shape, product material, product color, surface finish, drain placement, style and massage type.

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Use The 3D Body Position App From Aquatica

Use the 3D Body Position App to see which freestanding bathtubs offer the most comfortable soak for your body shape and size. Select your height, leg length and body mass to create an avatar that represents your body type. You can also create avatars for your family members by clicking "New Avatar". This is a fun and useful interactive tool to help you choose the best bathtub for you.

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Watch Some Demo Videos

Product demo videos can be beneficial when choosing a bathtub, as it showcases some of the most popular bathtubs. It also allows you to see how a person of a similar height fits in different tubs. Aquatica’s demo videos feature people of tall, medium and short heights, presenting both the dimensions of both the bathtub and the model. The videos demonstrate how comfortable this type of bath is for people of this size and shape.

What To Look For When Buying A Bathtub Online?


If you're looking for tips on how to choose a tub online, then a top tip is to check the bathtub's design, engineering and manufacturing location. Watch out for Asian importers who sell low price products of unclear origin with no design or engineering. Also, check to see if the brand is actually manufacturing the bathtub. Some Italian brands are not the actual manufacturers, so make sure you do your research before buying a bathtub. All of Aquatica’s bathtubs are made in the EU, by Italian product design engineers and Latvian master craftsmen.


It is important to check the bathtub material before choosing a bathtub online. Make sure the bathtub is not made of toxic or uncured chemicals. Acrylic is a popular material for bathtubs, as it is durable, versatile, light-weight and easy-to-install. Solid surface bathtubs are becoming one of the most trending choices, as they offer numerous design opportunities for luxury homes. Aquatica’s award-winning solid surface AquateX™ is silky-smooth, warm to touch and easy to clean with native antimicrobial characteristics. It can be painted in any color from the RAL chart to match your bathroom decor. If you're looking for a black bathtub , then check out NeroX ™, or if you're looking to buy a high-gloss bathtub , then take a look at bathtubs with an AquateX™ LuX finish.


If you're wondering how to pick a tub online, which is comfortable and user-friendly, then it is important to choose a bathtub with an ergonomic design. An ergonomically designed bath follows the body’s shape to ensure ultimate comfort, safety and support for the entire body. The Emmanuelle , a modern adaptation of the slipper style bathtub, is a great example of an ergonomically designed bathtub. The bath features an extended back wall to provide full support for the head and neck.

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Accessibility is an important factor to consider when choosing a bathtub online, as you might not know which bathtubs are the best for accessibility, and help to prevent accidents in the bathroom. Bathtubs with a low height like the Coletta make it easier for bathers to enter and exit the bathtub. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners who are shorter, or find it difficult to get in and out of the tub.

If you're wondering how to choose the right bathtub for older people, or people with disabilities or serious illnesses, then you should consider walk-in bathtubs, like the Baby Boomer 2 . A good walk-in bathtub should have grab bar, anti-slip surface, low entry step, easy-to-use door, and large ergonomically designed door handle extension, to prevent slipping or falling.

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Spa Technology

If you're trying to figure out how to choose a new bathtub to help you relax and reduce stress levels, then take a look at ergonomically designed bathtubs equipped with wellness features, such as high-quality massage jets and chromotherapy LED lighting. Take a look at Aquatica’s Therapy bathtubs , featuring HydroRelax , Relax Air & Tranquility Systems . Additional features such as Integrated Bluetooth Audio and Aromatherapy can help you to create the ultimate home spa experience.

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Before choosing a bathtub, you should read about shipping and delivery , in order to understand delivery locations, fees and times. Also check the crating process, what sort of packaging does the company use to ensure the bathtub arrives in perfect condition? For example, Aquatica uses only full-deck pallets for maximum protection and solid plywood crates with armored steel hinge systems for corner protection. The bathtub inside the crate is further protected by a honey-comb carton package and rigid foam.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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