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Ten Reasons Why Architects And Designers Love Aquatica Solid Surface Bathtubs And Washbasins

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Ten Reasons Why Architects And Designers Love Aquatica Solid Surface Bathtubs And Washbasins

May 03, 2020

While realizing the design potential associated with solid surface bathtubs, many architects and designers are starting to realize that not all solid surface tubs (aka stone resin tubs) are made equal. They recognize the high quality and infinite customization possibilities provided by Aquatica with its AquateX™ and NeroX™ range of solid surface tubs and sinks. They notice that some of the technical and design characteristics of AquateX™ and NeroX™ range of freestanding tubs are by far superior to shoddy outsourced imports. The Aquatica website offers customization tools for designers, which help make concepts into reality.

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Unique Lightweight Dual-Wall Solid Surface Tub Design With Inconspicuous Seams

Our bathtubs feature seamless dual-wall design fused with two-part adhesives creating a virtually invisible "hard seam," resulting in a smooth, continuous surface. Moreover, this decouples the inner bathtub design from the decorative side panel design and allows creating incredibly beautiful and comfortable tubs with manageable weight.

Unique lightweight dual wall solid surface tub design with inconspicuous seams (web)

Customizable Finish Options

From matte to mirror or anything in between, our AquateX™ and NeroX™ solid surface tubs and washbasins can have the look and feel your project requires. Just ask our knowledgeable inside sales team.

Customizable finish options (web)

Customizable Bathtub And Basin Exterior Panel Options

With a color palette spanning the spectrum from bright and bold to soft and natural, there is one that is just right for your project. In addition to the full spectrum of RAL colors, we also offer metallic finishes like gold, gunmetal, brass, bronze, stainless, and titanium. Want to create something that is out of the ordinary? Inquire about the metal coating of our black NeroX™ solid surface.

Customizable bathtub and basin exterior panel options (web)

AquateX™ Colors Solid Surface Tubs And Washbasins

Unique to Aquatica, consider our Sleek Concrete and NeroX™ black solid surface tubs and sinks.

AquateX Colors solid surface tubs and washbasins (web)

AquateX™ Concrete and Sandstone Textures Bathtubs & Washbasins

Textures have a bold modern look with rich visual texture. This is the ultimate finish to achieve the industrial concrete or natural sandstone look and feel with a sensual yet silky smooth and warm surface.

AquateX Concrete and Sandstone Textures bathtubs washbasins (web)


A sacrificial layer of protection over your bathtub's or washbasin’s surface to provide protection from chemical stains, etching & graffiti. This is especially important for hospitality applications.

NanoGuard scheme web


AquateX™ and NeroX™ solid surface tubs and washbasins can be easily maintained with minimal care and do not support microbial growth.

Nonporous AquateX™ and NeroX™ solid surface tubs and washbasins


If maintained properly, AquateX™ stone resin bathtubs and sinks will outlast most other materials. Any possible damage can be repaired by a specialized technician with little effort, which keeps the AquateX™ tubs and washbasins looking new. AquateX™ is homogeneous throughout and will, therefore, never discolor.

Durable AquateX™ stone resin bathtubs and sinks

Eco-Friendly Bathtubs And Washbasins

AquateX™ and NeroX™ are fully recyclable materials, with optional BioEco BioResin base, if you are pursuing LEED certification. AquateX™ BioEco can help you achieve Materials and Resources Credits 2, 3, and 4, as well as Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 2, under the LEED V4 rating system.

Eco Friendly AquateX and NeroX fully recyclable materials (web)

State-of-the-art Bathtub Therapy Systems

State-of-the-art bathtub therapy systems like Tranquility with heating and recirculation system and hot tub style temperature control with temperature +/- functionality. A large number of our solid surface bathtubs can also be fitted with an air jet system to allow for a fun and relaxing massage. Great for bathers who want to keep their bathtub massage system simple and low profile.

State of the art bathtub therapy systems (web)


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