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Get Solid Surface Bathtubs With The Look Of Concrete

True Ofuro Concrete Textures
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Get Solid Surface Bathtubs With The Look Of Concrete

April 28, 2020
Aivars Abolins

Concrete as a material provides character, roughness, and warm-toned modern aesthetics in various shades of grey. Concrete is the top design trend today, emphasizing nature and human reconnection to the natural world where texture and comfort are all essential elements, which is why concrete surfaces are becoming ever more important in modern architecture and design. 

Concrete is a naturally porous material with some serious design and application limitations, which makes it unsuitable for many indoor applications. Aquatica is introducing two new concrete finishes that retain the original look and feel of the real concrete while providing all of the benefits, and advantages of the smooth, easy-to-clean AquateX™ solid surface. The new shades perfectly reflect the latest trends of European interior design.

True Ofuro Concrete Textures
Aquatica True Ofuro Bathtub in AquateX™ Concrete Textures

New AquateX™ Colors

We are excited to announce our two new, and advanced solid surface finishes for 2020 - AquateX™ Sleek Concrete and AquateX™ Concrete Textures.

Developed with on-trend, proprietary technologies, the two new AquateX™ Concrete™ colors resonate well with our diverse international design audience and generate an outstanding potential for interior decoration and design. While Sleek Concrete is smooth and soft, Concrete Textures embraces a strong visual texture to create dynamic modernity and conjure up warmth and emotion.

AquateX™ Concrete Textures Bathtubs & Washbasins

Inspired by cast concrete with rough fabric texture, Aquatica bathtubs and washbasins made of AquateX™ Concrete Textures have a bold modern look with rich visual texture. This is the ultimate finish to achieve the industrial concrete look and feel with a sensual yet silky smooth and warm surface.

Coletta Concrete Textures
Aquatica Coletta Bathtub in AquateX™ Concrete Textures

AquateX™ Sleek Concrete Bathtubs & Washbasins

AquateX™ Sleek Concrete™ bathtubs and washbasins encapsulate the look and feel of real concrete with their warm and soft grey color. It is the perfect solution for those looking to achieve a modern industrial bathroom design while taking advantage of the durability and easily maintainable AquateX™ solid surface bathtubs and washbasins.

True Ofuro Concrete
Aquatica True Ofuro Bathtub in AquateX™ Sleek Concrete

Further enhancing the overall appearance of AquateX™ Concrete™ sinks and bathtubs is the unique and authentic "concrete" matte finish with its industrial look and feel. Moreover, like all AquateX™ products, AquateX™ Concrete™ tubs and basins never require any sealing.

Compared to the standard white AquateX™ bathtubs, AquateX™ Concrete™ matte finish does not disguise marks as easily, meaning more regular cleaning might be required.

Get Solid Surface Bathtubs and Washbasins That Look and Feel Like Real Concrete

Concrete is a wonderful material for driveways, foundations, and basements, but it is not always the best choice for washbasins and tub. Soap sediment, toothpaste, and makeup can quickly stain concrete surfaces while dead skin and other particles may become wedged in cracks.
This, along with excessive weight and seam lines, makes concrete unsanitary for the bathrooms.

AquateX™ Concrete™ solves all of these problems while giving you the same modern industrial aesthetics. Unlike real concrete, AquateX™ Concrete™ tubs and washbasins will not stain and will not require sealing. AquateX™ will also not crack or develop fissures over time, so it is easier to maintain over time.

Get a lightweight and hygienic AquateX™ Concrete™ tub that looks like concrete to get the best of both worlds for your home.

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