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Why AquateX™ Solid Surface Bathtubs And Sinks Are The Environmentally Conscious Choice?

Luna Solid Surface Bathtub and Sinks 2
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Why AquateX™ Solid Surface Bathtubs And Sinks Are The Environmentally Conscious Choice?

May 09, 2020
Aivars Abolins

As many are thinking about ways to protect our environment, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of how our AquateX™ solid surface bathtubs and sinks contribute to environmentally responsible design, small and large projects alike.

Luna Solid Surface Bathtub and Sinks
Luna Solid Surface Bathtub and Sinks
  1. Stainless steel aside, solid surface is probably the most durable man-made material for bathtubs and sinks. Appropriately maintained, AquateX™ stone resin bathtubs and sinks will outlast most other materials. A specialized technician can repair any possible damage with little effort, which keeps the AquateX™ tubs and sinks looking brand new.
  2. Solid surface is an inert and non-toxic material, which does not react to any chemicals being in its vicinity, which in turn means very little impact on both indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to its composition and smooth, seamless structure, it has inherent antimicrobial characteristics.
  3. Solid surface is non-toxic, with virtually zero off-gassings of VOCs (Volatile Organic Content). This is a feature that really makes solid surface stand out compared to other materials or manufacturing processes.
  4. Solid surface products such as bathtubs and sinks can easily be refinished or repaired if necessary, adding to their sustainable value. There are many licensed technicians all over the US (and other countries) which we could recommend. They are primarily trained with handling Corian repairs which is a very similar technology. So you never have to worry about not having a local source to help with refinishing solid surface bathtubs or sinks.

To go even further, Aquatica has created AquateX™ BioEco - an eco-sustainable solid surface composed of 55% natural inert minerals of high purity and 45% bio-resin with additional environmentally friendly benefits.

AquateX™ BioEco

AquateX™ BioEco takes advantage of a naturally occurring process by which plants secrete resins for their protective benefits. AquateX™ BioEco is the perfect substitute for the fossil alternatives common in the bathroom industry. What´s more, all resins in AquateX™ BioEco come from certified cultivations, which result in healthy bathroom products that look amazing while protecting the planet´s delicate ecosystems.

Bathtubs and washbasins made of AquateX™ and AquateX™ BioEco weigh less than their visually similar alternatives that are mostly outsourced to countries with a terrible record for environmental and manufacturing regulations. With obsolete and potentially dangerous practices the market is flooded products that are full of heavy toxic materials. On the other hand, our manufacturing processes reduce bathtub and sink fabrication material needs by as much as 40%. This, in turn, reduces CO2 emissions associated with raw material extraction, product manufacturing, and final shipping — all great for the planet, and also for you: A light product leads to easy handling, quick installation, and lower transportation costs.

Are You Pursuing LEED Certification?

Inquire about how AquateX™ BioEco can help you achieve Materials and Resources Credits 2, 3, and 4, as well as Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 2, under the LEED V4 rating system.

Considering all the benefits solid surface material has to offer, it is a simple decision for anybody from homeowners to builders and designers who are environmentally conscious and want to have a high-quality product as part of their home or project.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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