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How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink

How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink main picture
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How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink

August 10, 2020
Eduards Vilnis

How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink main picture

What Happens When Your Solid Surface Bathtub Is Damaged

Aquatica has been manufacturing bathtubs and sinks using solid surface technology (AquateX™) for many years now. Even though AquateX™ is an incredible material to work with there are instances when the bathtub can, unfortunately, get damaged. In the large majority of cases that we have dealt with, the damage occurs during the moving process within the job site or during the installation phase. We understand that this can be extremely frustrating for the homeowner. However, Aquatica is here to provide support and we highly recommend that you reach out to us immediately if something like this happens. We have also created the following guidelines to help illustrate the repair process and ensure that once completed the bathtub will look brand new.

How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink picture № 1
Illustration of bathtub damage using a power tool

Supplies and Tools Required for Repairing Damaged Solid Surface Bathtubs

  • Acetone
  • White paper towels
  • Masking tape
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Small container or a jar (for mixing the solution)
  • An Orbital Sander with grit P180 & P320 sandpaper
  • Dremel Rotary Tool
  • Moving blanket
  • Repair kit (provided by Aquatica)

Aside from the repair kit, all of the supplies and tools can be purchased at a well-supplied hardware store such as Home Depot.

How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink picture № 2
Orbital Sander (on the left), Dremel Rotary Tool (on the right)

Aquatica will send a repair kit that will contain 2 parts, a larger container with white material solution, and a smaller container with the hardener. The contractor will need to apply a 2% hardener to the amount of material solution being used (for example 1lb material = 0.32oz hardener). We would suggest not mixing the entire solution, in case additional touchups are required.

Procedure for Repairing Damaged Solid Surface Bathtubs

  1. Position the bathtub accordingly. If necessary lay the bathtub down on its side using a moving blanket.
  2. Use the Dremel Rotary tool and lightly cut a V type cavity in the lighter scratched areas so that the repair solution can properly bind and fill the gaps.
  3. After that, properly clean the area with Acetone, use white paper towels.
  4. Use masking tape to make a kind of barrier along the damaged area. Like a little wall by sticking half on the surface and the other half being the wall.
  5. Now prepare the mixture by adding a 2% hardener relative to the mixture’s weight. Give it a good mix for 1 – 2 minutes! 

    Important! Do not use all the repair solutions at once. It will be wise to keep some spare solution for any touchups that may be needed later on.
  6. When applying the repair solution, use a flat head screwdriver (make sure the screwdriver is properly cleaned with Acetone) to scoop the material and jab it when applying. This will help release micro air bubbles.
    How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink picture № 3
    Fill the area so that it exceeds the surface level. The access material will be sanded afterward.
  7. Let the material cure for a minimum of 12hrs.
  8. After 12-24hrs, use the grit P180 sandpaper and the orbital sander to buff away the access material until it is close to the surface level. Then use the grit P320 to buff until level.
    How To Repair a Solid Surface Bathtub or Sink picture № 4
    If you find areas where the material did not fill or needs to be touched up (maybe air bubbles are trapped), make a new mix with the spare material and fill those areas, then repeat steps 5 – 8.

Repairing solid surface bathtubs and sinks is simple if the repair process is followed accordingly. We highly recommend that this is done by a professional who has experience working with solid surface technology. Aquatica is also always available if you require additional technical support.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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