3 Secrets to Keeping your Bathtub Squeaky Clean

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3 Secrets to Keeping your Bathtub Squeaky Clean

April 12, 2016

Cleaning your bathtub can be one of those chores that you really don’t enjoy having to do, mostly because your bathtub is usually the biggest task in the bathroom to get squeaky clean! It also usually seems like it needs a ton of scrubbing and sometimes you feel like you should just get in the bathtub and clean it with the amount of leaning over that you need to do right?

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Well, while cleaning your bathtub won’t ever be a very easy task, there are some super simple tricks you can adapt to that will make cleaning your tub a lot easier, and keep it looking shiny and gorgeously clean for much longer!

Before you actually take on the task of getting your bathtub clean, you need to consider what kind of material your tub has been finished in, the most common finishes are either acrylic, ceramic, porcelain or fiberglass, however you do get many tubs that have been made from stone or copper, in which case you need to use a completely different method for cleaning. When you have an AquaStone or stone tub, you will usually be provided with the proper cleaning instructions manual for your tub.

Cleaning Material Choices

There a hundreds upon hundreds of bathtub cleansers on the market, but there are also a huge amount of super popular homemade solutions. You can create a very effective paste by combining equal parts water and baking soda, which is perfectly fine to clean and use on most bathtubs, and amazingly works wonders on soap scum.

If you do decide to go for a commercial bathtub cleanser, the most important step you need to take before purchasing anything is making sure you read the label properly, because as much as certain products can seem like they’re gentle lotion based cleansers, they can still be extremely abrasive to your bathtub.

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Bathtub Cleaning Techniques

Once you’ve reached a decision on the cleanser that you’re going to use, it’s time to get started with your bathtub! You want to make sure you start by clearing off the edges of anything you may sitting there so that you have a clean slate to start with.

Your next step should be treating the stains you want to get rid of, then generously spray your chosen cleanser or spread the paste in a circular motion on the entire surface of the bathtub, making sure you work along the side and finish at the bottom of the tub.
The next step is super simple, most people will go through the step above and then immediately rinse off all that hard work and elbow grease you’ve put into it! Big mistake, leave the cleanser or paste to sit on your tub for at least 15 minutes, (ideally, 30 minutes is much better though!) whilst you take a break, or clean the washbasin or toilet.

As soon as the cleanser has had some time to settle and work its magic, start scrubbing the sides of the tub and slowly work your way to the bottom again. For the least damage and abrasive approach, use a microfiber cloth or a very soft cloth, so that you don’t cause any scratching or damage. If you have an old toothbrush handy, that’s a great way of cleaning around tight surfaces like the drains.

Your next step is to make sure you rinse your bathtub thoroughly, either grab the shower nozzle and give it a spray down or use a bucket of clean water. This last step is absolutely essential but is often overlooked, the last thing you want is to leave a cleanser sitting on the surface of your bathtub for more than a couple of hours, it can be extremely abrasive to the surface of your tub.

Finally, your last step is to make sure that you dry your tub thoroughly with a super soft cloth (microfiber works magic) so that it shines. This step doesn’t take a lot of time at all, and is absolutely perfect for that polished look!


Probably the most important step to keeping a squeaky clean tub is what you do after you’ve cleaned your bathtub, in order to minimize any future problems, especially that nasty soap scum that always seems to stick around!

Every expert out there will tell you that making sure you rinse down and wipe your bathtub clean after every use, is a key step to making sure it lasts you a lifetime. Another factor to consider, and this may sound strange, but keep your deep and intense bathtub cleanings to a minimum, it can be damaging to clean your bathtub weekly with such harsh cleanser. Once the tub has been deep cleansed, switch over to a simple bath gel to keep your bathtub shiny and clean, yet not causing any more damage.

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