Aquatica’s Advice on How to Clean a Bathtub

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Aquatica’s Advice on How to Clean a Bathtub

July 14, 2016

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Aquatica’s range of AquateX™ stone bathtubs has been produced with practicality in mind so that a clean bathtub is something you never need to worry about.  Not only have they created a range of contemporary and upscale bathtubs and washbasins, that will be perfect for any bathroom project, but they’ve developed and perfected their ground-breaking AquateX™ stone composite material, to the point where is really easy and simple to keep your tub clean.

AquateX™ tubs are wonderfully easy to maintain, highly stain resistant and have passed a number of different cleaning tests which you can see in our demonstrative video below. This video also shows how our AquateX™ material is manufactured, as well as some very vital bathtub cleaning tubs.

The Best Way to Clean an AquateX™ Bathtub

Investing in an AquateX™ bathtub means that keeping it clean and sanitized will be the easiest task on your daily list of ‘to dos’! You won’t need to go out to specialist stores and find expensive and unheard of products when cleaning your bathtub, nope, all you’ll need is a damp sponge and everyday household cleaners.

AquateX™ tubs have been put to the test with almost every stain, burn and abrasive attack that could possibly affect your tub, and they passed all tests with flying colors.

All you really need in your bathroom cupboard are the exact same products you would have next to your kitchen sink. A microfiber cloth and some Dishwashing Detergent.

AquateX™ tubs are completely burn-resistant and even resist the burns of cigarettes.

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When Cleaning an AquateX™ Bathtub

Try and avoid detergents that contain alcohol, strong acids, and acetones when cleaning your AquateX™ bathtub. If one of the above-mentioned substances do happen to come into contact with your tub, we would recommend cleaning the surface immediately with plenty of water and detergent to avoid the formation of permanent stains on the surface.

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Do not use cloths or pads containing metal wire, instead use a soft cotton cloth of a “natural multi-purpose” type. A microfiber cloth or similar is also highly recommending for cleaning your AquateX™ bathtub. When choosing detergents to clean your bathtub with, pick out your regular dishwashing detergent for the best and most effective clean.

Aquatica has made it one of their top priorities to make their bathtubs easy and simple to keep clean and sanitized so that you can enjoy the bathing experience that AquateX™ tubs provide and not have to worry about the maintenance of keeping your tub clean.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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