Glass Bathroom Walls for Master Suite Separation

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Glass Bathroom Walls for Master Suite Separation

June 30, 2016

bathtub in shower

Using glass walls on the interior of your home is nothing new to architecture. You will occasionally see glass walls act as an unobtrusive but protective side to a stairwell, or even as an entire wall instead of windows. The question though, is how would you feel about using glass walls in your bedroom as the separation between your master suite bathroom? Of course, glass walls will remove a certain level of privacy from your everyday routine, so your ultimate decision needs to be whether or not you want some privacy or if you want to bare it all? Have a look at some of our ideas for a glass bathroom wall separation and see which ones would work in your home.

The Half Frosted Glass Wall

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We love how simple this bedroom and bathroom separation idea works. With only half the wall having a frosted glass part, you still have some privacy, especially if you want to have a shower on your own and aren't up for a full frontal show! The frosted glass gives both the bedroom and the bathroom a soft and subtle sense of style as well as separation. Yet it still feels like the two rooms are close and open enough to be considered one space. 

Bathtub and Bed with a View

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Another fabulous idea is placing a massive window, from the tub to the ceiling right next to your bathtub and bed, giving you a view from either way. Whether your longing in bed reading a book and hubby is in the bath, or you’re in the bath with a glass of wine and hubby is watching TV in bed. This is a concept we can see being enjoyed by the whole family. It's also a pretty effective way of opening up a bedroom that is small, by adding in a large window leading to the bathroom you’ll create an illusion of more space.

The Mirrored Glass Wall Separation

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If you love the idea of having a glass wall separating your bedroom and bathroom, but you still want a tad bit of privacy, then opting for mirrored glass walls is a perfect solution to that issue. It will still create that illusion of more space, and if you have them installed as sliding doors you can keep them opened or closed whenever you please. With your bathroom on the other end, you can have privacy and also have that glass wall feel.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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